WaterSaw, winner of the 2013 Isadora Duncan award for best music composition, is a group of musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their music is composed specifically for modern dance choreography and film scores. Creating layers of sound through loopers (recording devices), their live music varies in range and can be sparse, rhythmic, ethereal, or driving. The collaboration of music and art facilitates the intended artistic expression.WaterSaw uses their instruments in both conventional and experiential ways, giving way to an array of textures and sounds. WaterSaw is composed of: Cello, guitar, percussion, drums, and female vocals.

    WaterSaw Band   

WaterSaw is (from left to right):

John Givens, Guitar

Mike Tornatore, Drums

Nicole Laby, Vocals & Percussion

Gael Alcock, Cello


Clyde Sheets (Lighting Designer) is theater educator and designer. He has designed works for Theatre, Ballet, Opera, and Contemporary Dance over the past 25 years in the SF Bay Area and the mid west. Clyde began working with Lizz Roman & Dancers in 2000 on their work 81/2 X 11 at ODC Theater. This began a run of designing the next 6 shows for Lizz, also doing music for 4 shows (with Alex Kelly and later Jerome Linder). These shows earned critical acclaim, an Izzy Award for the company and a place for CS in the Prague Quadrennial in 2011 for the lighting design of the 2006 show Blue Floor Reflections.

Other work by CS includes The Missing Generation for San Francisco’s Sean Dorsey Dance Company, which was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Company Performance award in 2015. Clyde received Isadora Duncan Dance Awards for Deborah Slater’s Hotel of Memories at CounterPulse in S. F. and a Bay Area Circle Critics Dramatic Production award for Metamorphosis at Aurora Theater in Berkeley CA. in 2011 and in 2012 for Shotgun Theaters production of Woyzeck, both directed by Mark Jackson. As an educator CS has taught dance lighting /collaborative process at Mills College in Oakland California, Grand Valley State University and Interlochen Arts Academy and was the Production Manager for the Theater Arts at San Francisco State University, where he earned an MFA in Design in 2010. 

Pete Litwinowicz (filmmaker) is a choreographer and filmmaker who concentrates on combining both disciplines. Pete co-owns RE:Vision Effects, Inc, a visual effects software company, and works as visual effects software developer and artist for the motion picture and video industries. Pete has won several awards including an Academy Award©; an Ars Electronica Golden Nica (Austria); and an Imagina Award (Monaco) for Best Visual Effects and Visual Innovation. Pete worked as co-artistic director of Dance Continuum SF from 2007-2012, and danced for Company Chaddick from 1996-2006. Pete has also served on the faculty at San Francisco Dance Center and at Western Ballet, among several other schools.

Sonsherée Giles (Costume Designer) is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and costume designer. She enjoys making dances based on observations of animals, landscapes, art history, and daily life experiences. Sonsherée has an MFA in performance/choreography from Mills College and from 2005-2015, she was a performing/teaching artist with AXIS Dance Company. She has taught contemporary dance in public school systems, institutions, dance festivals and universities. Sonsherée formed a container for her choreography called This Sweet Nothing and has been generously supported by Zellerbach Family Foundation, CLOROX Company Foundation, CA$H grant, and East Bay Fund for Individual Artists. Sonsherée has received an Isadora Duncan Award for ensemble performance, and a Homer Avila Award for Excellence in the field of integrated dance. Recently, she has been seen dancing for Flyaway Productions, Nancy Karp & Dancers, Amy Lewis and Epiphany Productions, as well as creating dances in collaboration with Megan Lowe and John Carnahan.  She is thrilled to be working on her second project with Lizz Roman and Dancers.  www.sonsheree.com