Described as “brave,” “eloquent,” and “captivating.”

LIZZ ROMAN & DANCERS are excited to announce their newest project

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Lizz Roman & Dancers Inhabit A 2 Story Home

 In San Francisco’s Outer Sunset Neighborhood In A New

Site Specific Journey Through An Ocean Beach Home

 Engaging The Architecture With Performance, Composer

Jerome Lindner’s Original Musical Score Performed Live

with Films By Award Winning Filmmaker Pete Litwinowicz


“Sunset Dances II”

Featuring Dancers - Chris Black, Colin Epstein, Clarissa Ko, Jenny McAllister,

Gizeh Muniz, Jamie Nakama, Becky Robinson-Leviton and Sonya Smith


September 6 To 22, 2019

Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ 8:30pm

Home Salon Performances


In a home near San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on three weekends from September 6 To 22 the award winning Lizz Roman & Dancers inhabit a two story dwelling with a new site specific journey, engaging the architecture with performance, music and film. Revealing, engaging and immersive, Roman's newest project “Sunset Dances II” draws audiences into an intimate experience. The living paths of this home become in multiple simultaneous performances, an active breathing “happening” experience with viewers in each location traveling throughout the performance environment. “Sunset Dances II” features choreography by Lizz Roman with dancers Chris Black, Colin Epstein, Clarissa Ko, Jenny McAllister, Gizeh Muniz, Jamie Nakama, Becky Robinson-Leviton and Sonya Smith. The production includes academy award winning filmmaker Pete Litwinowicz and award winning lighting designer Clyde Sheets, musician/composer Jerome Lindner and new percussionist Malcolm Lee and vocalist Tamsin Black performing an original live score.

“The dances I make are emotional explorations of human interactions set in buildings...” Lizz remarks.  “As we create a dance, I often feel like the dance becomes a long embrace between my dancers and the building, watching them dance with each other through the walls, doors, stairs, and hallways is both soothing and exhilarating. The dance is the sum of the journey we take through the space.”

Lizz Roman’s unique choreographic style has established her as one of California's leading site choreographers. This sequel to her award winning SUNSET DANCES: Architectural Meditations II (2017) is performed in multiple locations with viewers at each location migrating throughout the home performance environment. With “Sunset Dances II” Lizz Roman & Dancers engage space and time in a deeply immersive site experience, simultaneously from 3 different perspectives. Using windows, doorways, stairs, walls and furniture to frame their architectural story, performers and audience move together between the indoor and outdoor sites. Viewers peer inside and outside windows, doorways, down stairwells and enter into rooms with dancers, musicians and films as the dance moves from room to room, from up to down, from outside to inside, watching one dance from varying perspectives.

Lizz Roman, Artistic Director of LIZZ ROMAN & DANCERS (LR&D) has been a dancer and choreographer in San Francisco since 1984. “The dance is the sum of the journey we take through a site,” states Roman. "In the words of LeCorbusier, 'To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects.' I seek guidance from each building I collaborate with,” continues Roman. “I create a visual history of our physical journey through that space that becomes a dance. It is driven mainly by the architecture of the space.”

Roman and her company have been making dances in San Francisco's dance spaces, local theaters, and outdoor festivals since 1995. The work has been described by critics as “Eloquent”, “Breathtaking”, “Provocative”, and “Captivating.” LR&D are best known for their trademark expansive dances that spring, roll, and fly through buildings, resulting in an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (IZZIE) for outstanding choreography in  2017 SUNSET DANCES: Architectural Meditations and

 2013 for "DEEPER: Architectural Meditation at CounterPulse" (2012), and an IZZIE nomination for Best Company Performance for CELLGROUND (2005). The company has developed innovative site-specific techniques to work in unique and commonplace locations with a variety of multi-media collaborators and scenic elements. WaterSaw, Roman's most recent music collaborators received an IZZIE Award for Original Music score for 2012's "DEEPER." The SF Butoh Festival and Yerba Buena Gardens Festival commissioned Roman to create a site-specific dance, which premiered at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2005, and was remounted again for the 2006 festival season. In 1998, Roman and filmmaker Kevin Cunningham received the SF WEEKLY Black Box Award for Cross-Genre Performance for "IN HER DREAMS."

Collaborative Team: Dancers, Designers, and Musicians


Becky Robinson-Leviton graduated from CSULB with a BA in Dance, and performs and choreographs throughout the Bay Area. She’s performed as Clarice in West Side Story at Berkeley Playhouse, toured internationally with Tim Rubel Human Shakes, and is the founder and co-artistic director of the dance/clown duo, The Phenomenal Anomalies with Hannah Westbrook. Becky has been dancing with Lizz Roman & Dancers since 2017, performing in the original Sunset Dances (Izzie award-winning) and Moments, Memories, and Amazing Grace at Animate Dance Festival. For more info on Becky’s ventures, check out

Chris Black has been choreographing and performing in San Francisco since 1992 and working with Lizz Roman off and on ever since. She has won an Isadora Duncan Award and two BATCC Awards for her choreography. She has been in residence at ODC Theatre, the Djerassi Resident Artists Program and the California Academy of Sciences. She is currently incubating The Murmurations Project, an impossible, decades-long project about artistic transmission, place history, and chaos theory.

Clarissa K. Ko has worked with Lizz Roman as her Company Manger since 2016. Clarissa is thrilled to be performing with Lizz Roman & Dancers for the first time. Clarissa graduated with a BA in Performing Arts and Social Justice (Dance), with a minor in Health Studies, from the University of San Francisco and has a MSEd Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University. Through her dance company, Five Feet Dance, she has presented work at CounterPulse, Little Boxes Theater, SAFEhouse for the Arts, and The Asian Art Museum.

Colin Epstein is a dancer, acrobat, clown, and wears many other hats at various times. He is frequently seen on stage with 13th Floor, Tara Pilbrow Dance, and directing Twisted Oak Dance Theater; and is absolutely delighted every time he gets to dance with Lizz Roman & Dancers.

Gizeh Muniz, Mexican artist and pedagogue educator, believes that creation through the body is the best path to generate consciousness and empathy in the world. She has performed as a dancer and creative collaborator with Sara Shelton Mann, Kathleen Hermesdorf and Lizz Roman & Dancers Company in San Francisco, CA; Silla Danza and Teatro de León in Baja California; Ocho Proyecto Gato in Mexico City as well as personal projects with tours in Mexico, United States, Europe and Central America. She also has collaborated with various organizations of social impact in Mexico and in the United Sates.

Jamie Nakama’s diverse movement background includes training in modern, butoh, hula, aerial dance, Afro-modern, and capoeira.  She has performed with numerous artists in Hawaii over the past 20 years, including IONA Contemporary Dance Theater, Tau Dance Theater, Wai Company, Samadhi Hawaii, and Kealoha (slam poet).  This is her third project with Lizz Roman & Dancers. Besides her love of dance, Jamie has been dedicated to the field of environmental education for nearly 2 decades in Hawaii and continues the work as Youth Initiative Manager at LandPaths in Sonoma County. She also teaches anthropology at Diablo Valley College and is a yoga instructor in her spare time!

Jenny McAllister is a movement artist, actor, and director/choreographer. She is the Artistic Director of 13th Floor, and also performs with Epiphany Dance Theater, Twisted Oak, and Deborah Slater Dance Theater. She loves to explore the places where dance and theater intersect, and also doing site specific work. This is her 4th show with Lizz Roman and Dancers.

For Sonya Smith, creating with Lizz Roman and Dancers is a delicious space to investigate the joy of intelligently physical dancing, unusual ways to get off the ground, and inspiring collaborators. Smith treasures her past opportunities to study and perform, including stints with Zaccho Dance Theatre, Flyaway Productions, BANDALOOP, Sara Shelton Mann, Michelle Ellsworth, Dance Brigade and Gesel Mason. She teaches an eclectic mix of bungee dancing, Pilates and GYROKINESIS around the bay and beyond.



Jerome Lindner (Musician/Composer), is a San Francisco Native. Jerome began playing guitar at 13 years old. Soon after, he began to accompany Lizz Roman’s dance classes throughout the city. He then went on to compose and perform for Lizz Roman & Dancers, where he won his first Izzy. In 2014 he graduated From Ex’pression College with a Bachelor's Degree of Applied Science. Over the past 7 years Jerome has also been composing, recording and arranging music for San Jose recording artist Andrew Bigs. The two are currently working on their 2nd studio album as well as 2 side projects. The two are planning to release new music this fall and throughout 2020.

Malcolm Lee (Percussionist) is a San Jose based music producer, engineer, MC and drummer. He has drummed with San Jose's Akoma Arts for 5 plus years, Studied Afro-Brazilian rhythms and movement with Capoeira Irmandade for 7 plus years, and has operated recording studios for 10 years. Malcolm's drumming style is rooted in the traditional West African, Afro-Cuban and African American rhythms of the 60's. Malcolm is also a respected teacher in the community hosting many youth classes for drumming, and music production and recording all throughout the Bay Area. Malcolm currently runs the Roosevelt Community Center Music studio for youth, as well as his own Wholesounds studios both in downtown San Jose. Malcolm's music can be found on all major platforms or with a google search of MalcolmLeeMusic.

Tamsin Black (Vocalist) is a student at Mission High School. She has trained at the Bandaloop studio and the Zaccho Center. She was a collaborating performer in Chris Black's Phantom, Shadow, Specter, Wraith. 



Clyde Sheets (Lighting Designer) is theater educator and designer. He has designed works for Theatre, Ballet, Opera, and Contemporary Dance over the past 25 years in the SF Bay Area and the mid west. Clyde began working with Lizz Roman & Dancers in 2000 on their work 81/2 X 11 at ODC Theater. This began a run of designing the next 6 shows for Lizz, also doing music for 4 shows (with Alex Kelly and later Jerome Linder). These shows earned critical acclaim, an Izzy Award for the company and a place for CS in the Prague Quadrennial in 2011 for the lighting design of the 2006 show Blue Floor Reflections. Clyde designed the companies work Sunset Dances in 2017. Other work by CS includes Boys in Trouble and The Missing Generation for San Francisco’s Sean Dorsey Dance Company both of which won Isadora Duncan Company Performance awards in 2015 and 2019. Clyde received Isadora Duncan Dance Awards for Deborah Slater’s Hotel of Memories at CounterPulse in S. F. and a Bay Area Circle Critics Dramatic Production award for Metamorphosis at Aurora Theater in Berkeley CA. in 2011 and in 2012 for Shotgun Theaters production of Woyzeck, both directed by Mark Jackson. As an educator CS has taught dance lighting /collaborative process at Mills College in Oakland California, Grand Valley State University and Interlochen Arts Academy and was the Production Manager for the Theater Arts at San Francisco State University, where he earned an MFA in Design in 2010. Clyde is now the Director of Comparative Arts, an interdisciplinary arts program, at Interlochen Arts Academy.


Pete Litwinowicz (Filmmaker) is a choreographer and filmmaker who concentrates on combining both disciplines. Pete co-owns RE:Vision Effects, Inc, a visual effects software company, and works as visual effects software developer and artist for the motion picture and video industries. Pete has won several awards including an Academy Award©; an Ars Electronica Golden Nica (Austria); and an Imagina Award (Monaco) for Best Visual Effects and Visual Innovation. Pete worked as co-artistic director of Dance Continuum SF from 2007-2012, and danced for Company Chaddick from 1996-2006. Pete has also served on the faculty at San Francisco Dance Center and at Western Ballet, among several other schools.



For three weekends this September from September 6 To 22, Lizz Roman & Dancers perform their latest architectural romp, "SUNSET DANCES II".  The award winning Roman’s unique choreographic style has established her as one of California's leading site choreographers. This sequel to her award winning SUNSET DANCES: Architectural Meditations II (2017) is performed in multiple locations simultaneously with viewers at each location migrating throughout the home performance environment.

Lizz Roman & Dancers

“Sunset Dances II”

Featuring Dancers - Chris Black, Colin Epstein, Clarissa Ko, Jenny McAllister,

Gizeh Muniz, Jamie Nakama, Becky Robinson-Leviton and Sonya Smith.

Filmmaker Pete Litwinowicz, lighting designer Clyde Sheets,

musician/composer Jerome Lindner, percussionist Malcolm Lee and

 vocalist Tamsin Black performing an original live score

September 6 To 22, 2019

Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ 8:30pm

Home Salon Performances

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To find out about the local talent involved, please visit the DANCERS page of our website.

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Sunset Dances 2 063


Also, check out an article from the San Francisco Chronicle featuring an interview with Lizz Roman from April 2016:



General Press:

Each work in Roman’s award-winning repertoire is guided by her mission to reveal the kinetic language of a space so that her audience can regard the environment in an entirely new way. Nothing is off-limits for this fearless company. Every surface of the building or open space is an opportunity for Lizz Roman & Dancers to dance, climb, hang, and tumble their way through the site. The additional elements of nuanced lighting and an original sound score performed live give emphasis to Roman’s unconventional staging.

Roman describes her aesthetic as “athletic pedestrian dance that spring rolls and flies through an environment. By serving as the focal point, each space uniquely presents my company with the challenge of creating a dance vocabulary between me, my dancers, musicians and lighting designer.”

What differentiates Roman’s approach to site-specific work is that she builds her dances on the architectural elements of the pre-existing space, rather than importing a set or additional materials. One critic summed up Roman’s approach: “It’s about point of view, framing, and discovery. It’s about bodies exploring and defining space…it’s about what you see and what you don’t see, but know to be there… [and] the interaction between audience and performer.” -


Past Show Press:


JUNE 16TH to JULY 2ND, 2017

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This Beautiful Space


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East Bay Express visited Lizz Roman & Dancers in rehearsal in August 2015 to record us in action. Check out the full East Bay Express article and video HERE.


DEEPER: Architectural Meditations at CounterPulse
1310 Mission Street
June 15 - July 01, 2012
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
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Performance Reviews:

“Offers a wonderful paradox.” - In Dance

“Captivating.” - Citysearch

“If you’re looking for a nap, you’d better make other plans. If you’re looking for an involving and extraordinary experience, however, Roman is your woman.” - SFGate

“Roman’s greatest talent lies in her ability to frame dasncers like a camera’s lens in the architectural features if the spaces she makes her dances in.” -

“Breathtaking…Roman proves that sometimes the dancer is the dance.” - SF Bay Guardian

“To watch Roman’s dancers – who with utmost ease and grace can be languid and focused in one moment and effortlessly kicking attacks in the next – is just breathtaking…Roman proves that sometimes the dancer is the dance. And that can be enough.” - Rite Feliciano, SF Bay Guardian

“Roman saw the architecture and changed its implications. Instead of stark reality, Artaud became what felt like an underwater playground.” - Rita Felciano, Dance View Times

“One can be grateful that Roman arrives at the task without agendas, simply to fashion eloquent steps within an unconventional setting.” - Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance

“It is unclear where she will go from here, but the results are guaranteed to be provocative.” - Karen Drozda,

“Engrossing work” - SF WEEKLY


for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, Winner
"SUNSET DANCES: Architechtural Meditation II"
2050 47th Ave, Ocean Beach SF

for Outstanding Choreography, Winner
"DEEPER: Architechtural Meditation at CounterPulse"

for Company Performance, Nominee

Cross-Genre Performance
ODC Theater

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Press Photos (for "Sunset Dances II" 2019):

Sunset Dances II 063
Sunset Dances II
Dancer: Clarissa Ko, Sonya Smith, Colin Epstein, Becky Robinson-Leviton
Photo by
 Lydia Daniller, Daniller Photography
High Res Photo


Sunset Dances II 109
Sunset Dances II
Dancer: Gizeh Muniz
Photo by
 Lydia Daniller, Daniller Photography
High Res Photo


Sunset Dances II 249
Sunset Dances II
Dancer: Sonya Smith, Jamie Nakama
Photo by
 Lydia Daniller, Daniller Photography
High Res Photo


Sunset Dances II 288
Sunset Dances
Dancer: Becky Robinson-Leviton, Colin Epstein
Photo by Lydia Daniller, Daniller Photography
High Res Photo


Sunset Dances II 335
Sunset Dances II
Dancer: Gizeh Muniz
Photo by
 Lydia Daniller, Daniller Photography
High Res Photo